Trade X Opinion App- Earn Money Online

 Earning money is very easy in today’s time, there are many ways to earn money online, today I will tell you about the way to earn money by giving opinions.

Today I will tell you about the Trade X app and also tell you how to trade in it, as well as how to Add and Withdraw the money.

What is Trade X?

  • Trade X is an Opinion App, in which you can earn money by giving opinions, it is very easy to give opinions in Trade X, where you have to give your answers in Yes and No.
  • The minimum price of 1 stock in Trade X ranges from 3 to 100, if any stock is below Rs.3, it means that the event is almost over. (NOTE: You should not trade on such events)
  • In this article, I will also give you the proof of trade and its withdrawal, so that you will believe in this app.
  • You must be above 18 years of age to invest money in Trade X

How Many Category In Trade X?

You get to see a lot of categories in Trade X, out of which there are many categories like Media, Finance, Sports, News, Politics, Movies, Music, Youtube


In this, you will have to give predictions for the weekly collection of the released movies, as well as ask opinions related to the song play of any song in JioSaavn. You can give your opinion in Yes or No.


In Finance, you will find crypto, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, Shibanu, and Doge as well as International shares like Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Netflix will be seen. If you have an interest in finance then you can easily earn 1000 to 100k every day by trading in it.


In sports, you will be asked opinions related to cricket and football games. This opinion is most useful, if you have an interest in cricket and football then you must invest in it.


Questions are asked from the trending news inside the news category, if you are preparing for the exam, then you can earn some money from this category.


In Politics, you are asked questions related to elections and leaders. If you have an interest in politics then you can trade in it.


The opinion is taken about the collection and hit or flop of Indian films.


In Music category you are asked related opinion of song play inside JioSaavn app.


Who doesn’t watch videos on youtube, in this category you have opinion related to song or movie trailer on youtube, like how many views a song will get and a time will be given for it.

How To Trade In Trade X

So far I have told you about the categories in this app in which you can trade, now let us see how you can buy stocks in this app.

  • First of all, you have to choose the category of your choice, in which you have good knowledge and you have complete information about it, which will help you to win the trade.
  • Go and trade in whichever category interests you. As I chose news category because I think BJP will win 2022 Gujarat election, If you think BJP will lose then you have to buy stocks at NO.


  • You can see your bought stocks in the portfolio section, Your profits and losses will be show in the protfilio section.
  • You can sell your stocks at any time. If you feel that your decision is wrong and you will lose, then you can sell your stocks, and save your money from loss.

How To Add Money In Trade X?

Many options are given to add money in any app, similarly, you have been given 4 methods here, with the help of which you can add money.

  • UPI
  • Card
  • Wallets (Airtel, OLA Money, Freecharge Wallet, Mobikwik, Reliance Jio Money)
  • Net Banking

How To Withdraw Money

If you have more money in your wallet, then you can withdraw this money from your bank. For this, you need to have a PAN card and a Bank account. To withdraw money, you need to provide your Basic details and KYC, without this you cannot withdraw Money.

Basic Detail: In Basic detail, you have to give your name, Mobile Number, Pin code, Birthday, and Gmail.

KYC: In KYC, you will have to give your PAN card, bank’s ISFC code, and Bank account number, after which your account will be verified.


Joining Bouns In Trade X?

When you create an account in Trade X you get a Rs 10 joining bonus but if you use gjzeng referral code then you will get rs 20 you can invest this money.

Minimum & Maximum Withdraw

The minimum withdrawal in Trade X is 200 and the maximum is 10000, for which you will have to pay a withdrawal charge of 5 Rs. The withdrawn money goes to your bank account Connects in 24 to 48 hours, but sometimes it takes up to 72 hours.

Note: If you win above 10000 Rs in any one contest then you have to pay 30% tax. But if you don’t want to pay tax then you can sell your stocks before the end of the event. You can download Trade X from the link given below.


In this article I have explained to you how to earn money in the Trade X app and withdraw it from your bank account, if you are facing any issues while investing money or any other issue then you can ask us by commenting

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