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About Sikandar Raza

 Sikandar Raza was born in Sialkot, Pakistan. Sikandar Raza went to Zimbabwe for studies. Raza’s dream was to become a fighter plane pilot, but his dream was shattered after he failed the eye test. Sikandar Raza’s parents moved to Zimbabwe in 2002, and from here the story of Raza becoming a cricketer began.

Sikandar Raza
Name  Sikandar Raza
Date Of Birth
Birth Place Sialkot, Pakistan
Profession Cricketer
Wife Name


  • Raza became a citizen of Zimbabwe in 2011.
  • He made his ODI debut in May 2013.
  • He made his Test debut in September 2013 against his home country Pakistan.
  • Raza played a key role as an all-rounder in Zimbabwe’s first bilateral ODI series win on Sri Lankan soil in 2017.
  • Raza was selected by the Chittagong Kings in the 2017 Bangladesh Premier League draft.

20 Question & Answers with Sikandar Raza

Que 01- Which is the most entertaining T20 league according to you?
Ans- Never been a part of IPL so its difficult to mention IPL outside IPL would have to say PSL and BPL

Que 02- What IPL team you would like to play for?
Ans- Any team

Que 03- Closest teammate in the national team?
Ans- Craig Ervine

Que 04- What’s the weirdest reason you used for skipping school in childhood?
Ans- Never Skips School

Que 05- Rate the current fab four in order from 1 to 4.
Ans- Virat, Williamson, Smith, Root

Que 06- One dish/cuisine you can’t live without?
Ans- Not a big Foodie person. Maybe Spinach

Que 07- One of the funniest pranks that you have ever played on your teammates?
Ans- We pranked Craig Ervine, we said he is opening in a three day game, by the time he padded up 5 mins before walking, we are all laughing because he was never opening.

Que 08- Sikandar Raza is a better Singer or Dancer?
Ans- Neither

Que 09- What celebrity you would like to go on a dinner date with?
Ans- Might sound wrong but if I could take someone for a dinner date, that will be Muhammad Ali.

Que 10- Favorite holiday destination?
Ans- Plenty too many mention

Que 11- Which player in your team googles himself the most?
Ans- Peter Moor

Que 12- If you were a hashtag, what would you be?
Ans- Razbhai or YOURSRB

Que 13- Driving or Cooking? what would you prefer?
Ans- Driving

Que 14- Who is your best friend in the cricket world?
Ans- Lots of friends in different parts of the world like- Hasim Amla, Imran Tahir, Mohammad Nabi, Shoaib Malik.

Que 15- Which is the most entertaining T20 league according to you?
Ans- Never part of IPL so it’s difficult to mantion IPL out side Ipl would have to say PSL & BPL

Que 16- Funniest sledge you ever faced on the cricket field?
Ans- A wicketkeeper sledged me before getting my Zimbabwe citizenship, it was pretty funny.

Que 17- One weirdest wish you have?
Ans- I can go back in time may be for the 1000 year

Que 18- What is your nickname?
Ans- It will be Raz bhai or Sakki

Que 19- Which app do you use the most on your phone?
Ans- Whatsapp & Twitter

Que 20- If not a cricketer, what you would have liked to become?
Ans- I wanted to be a Pilot, didn”t work software engineer.

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